Tracko - Track your deliveries

Tracko woo commerce plugin provides woo commerce sites the technology to track their delivery teams in real time on map. It empowers your delivery teams to receive orders as per location and navigate the location on map.

How Tracko plugin works:


Install the Tracko plugin and activate it on your woo commerce dashboard.

Register Website

Register your website on the plugin by filling simple information.

Task Plugin

Tracko plugin will redirect you to your Tracko dashboard.

Save Tasks

All the orders from your woo commerce website will be saved as tasks on your Tracko dashboard.

Track Order On Map

You can see all your orders on map on your Tracko dashboard.

Add Delivery Team

You can add your delivery team to your dashboard.

Assign Tasks

Assign tasks to your delivery team from the Tracko dashboard.

Major features in Tracko plugin includes:

Live Tracking

Track delivery team in real time on map. Filter as per location and status.


Register your website on the plugin by filling simple information.

Get Orders

Tracko plugin will fetch all the orders you receive on your woo commerce website and convert them into tasks on Tracko dashboard.

Schedule Tasks

Schedule your deliveries as per the order location and order time from Tracko dashboard.

Navigation Support

Real time navigation support to delivery team to save time and money during delivery.

Insights & Analytics

Analyze your orders, manage daily compensation of your delivery team. Plan and schedule deliveries ahead and save time and money.

Real Time Reporting

Get reports from your delivery team in real time on the move. Be aware of all your operators from a single dashboard.

Route Planning

Identify shortest routes and plan schedule for your delivery team in advance. Save time and money.

Tracking and Management software for your field force.

  • Monitor, track and manage your mobile work force.
  • Watch all your field agents on the map, delegate tasks to them as per their location
  • Plan routes in advances
  • Save time and flue with every task